Business Security Keep your assets safe

Business Security When you need on-site IT support for all your business technology, there is only one company to call: Artius Innovations. We can custom-design security solutions unique to your business, including 24-hour security cameras to monitor your premises plus security alarms to defend your company from intruders.

Our security plans deter, prevent loss

Shield your company from would-be thieves by deploying our state-of-the-art security camera and alarm solutions as part of your company’s loss prevention strategy. With continuous video capture of your business, you can protect your associates and assets from burglary, theft, and even liability in some instances.

Meanwhile, a security alarm system can protect and defend your property after business hours, alerting police, fire and other emergency personnel to problems at your location.

Peace of mind, for less

Artius Innovations may also save you money putting your own personalized security plan into action by offering quantity discounts on the infrastructure you’ll need to protect your business. As an authorized ADT partner, we can offer your business the lowest cost on security alarm hardware, plus access to a range of security camera packages to meet your needs.
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