Backup & Recovery Protect your assets

Backup and Recovery Each file your business creates, receives and stores is an asset, and nothing can wreak more havoc on your bottom-line than lost time and opportunities due to data loss. At Artius Innovations, our backup and data recovery service can help protect your company from costly setbacks and downtime when you cannot find or access your files.

We can partner with your company to prevent data loss in the first place by creating a custom backup plan to meet your needs, plus rescue your business when you need professional recovery assistance.

Why data backup is important

From cloud services to thumb drives, to CDs and hard drives, there are a lot of means and ways to store your files. But, data is susceptible to a wide range of dangers, including deletion or overwriting by human error, operating system crashes, virus infections, blackouts and outages, theft, hacking, fires, flooding and storm damage.

With Artius Innovations’ expert knowledge, we can show you how to prevent the loss of important digital files by deploying a customized solution for your business. Rather than lose time trying to recover files, our premier data backup plan can ensure your resources are available when you need them.

Worry-free data recovery

When the worst-case scenario strikes and you actually lose your digital files, contact Artius Innovations. Our professional team of data recovery specialists can help restore files from storage and database systems unique to your business. With courteous, professional 24/7 service to meet all your data recovery needs, you can get back to work without excessive downtime.
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